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My Pokemon, Let me show you them.

I just got back from C!D!P! at WPI and it was pretty awesome. There was a minecraft dude battling a creeper and a bunch of anime and videogame cosplay. Oh, i bumped into Paul and got to see his polygon rhino head first hand! Awesome! There was dancing, but I don’t dance much. Anyways, I started this post to document the stuff I did for haloween/CDP.

Here is the video I threw together

I made some Pokemon.  Well, I made some Pokemon move.  The Pokemon themselves where crocheted by sam over at Sam & Rae Crafts. I made some bits of skeleton using steel wire and solder.  The photo below is bulbasaur’s neck linkage It’s just a loop  soldered to a U at a right angle. A hinge was made by wrapping the wire loosely around the frame. The U was constrained on the frame by globs of solder on the frame itself. That trick worked quite well. The same trick is used to constrain the wire attached to the servo’s horn.


The smeargle was a little more straight forward. For the head I made a “Servo Horn Fork” that sat in a frame and rotated the head. Another bracket was added for the waving arm. The arm had a steel cable in it that was attached to the servo horn.


Wires came out the bottom and where connected to a DyIO+Bluetooth adapter combo. The plan was to stick this thing on a table and hide a web-cam and do some openCV blob tracking, I also planned to have more props. Unfortunately I put off the building until last night and was writing the code about an hour and 35 minutes before the event itself. Long story short, I could not get openCV Processing library working so, I cut my losses and just programmed in some behaviors triggered at random intervals. The code ran on my laptop which was hidden in my backpack under the table.


The code for the whole display can be found this svn server. Each Pokemon ran in it’s own thread.